About Bain Capital Partnership Strategies

Bain Capital Partnership Strategies works with talented investment teams around the world. Originally formed in 2005 to find investments for the partners of Bain Capital, our Boston-based team combines rigorous fundamental research with a global perspective to pursue compelling results. We have a long-term time horizon and flexible capital enabling us to support the development and growth of our partnerships. Since inception, Bain Capital Partnership Strategies has been funded predominantly by the Bain Capital partner group. We began accepting external capital in 2018.


Our Approach

Drawing on Bain Capital’s nearly 40 years of alternative investment experience, we employ an analytical, data-driven investment process to create partnerships we believe offer uncommonly attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns. We combine our long-term time horizon with our flexible capital to build lasting relationships with leading investment teams.

Often we invest in specialized or niche strategies that are complex or difficult to access. We work tenaciously to identify and screen for these unique opportunities, harnessing Bain Capital’s global resources to conduct comprehensive diligence and make reasoned investment decisions.

Strategy Icon

We’re seeking differentiated strategies where we can build long-term relationships with talented investors.